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AC Wireless Router was acquired in early 2012 as an opportunity to develop a website for upcoming technology. Since we are very excited about the upcoming Gigabit Wireless revolution, we developed the website to promote the technology that will soon let us stream HD quality content between networked devices seemlessly. In addition to offering current […]

3D Techs was acquired in an undeveloped domain package in 2012. Seeing the potential of the 3D market, we developed the website concept and are continually screening for new products to add to the site. We are working hard to build a wide array of categorized 3D technologies and will continue to put a lot […]

Cheap Golf Proshop, formerly, was acquired in 2012. The original domain and website provided the inspiration to expand the product offering and we also decided to update to the appearance. We are working hard to build a diverse, sortable collection of golf equipment and will continue to put a lot of time into the […]

Back Problems was acquired to provide original content on back pain management through multiple treatment options. There is never one perfect treatment for everyone so we aim to try and provide as many back problem treatment options as possible. The site was acquired in February 2012 and will has been redeveloped with fresh content on […]

Androplex was acquired to provide Android news and reviews for GDev visitors. The site scours the web for great information and brings you a collection of that days best Android news! It was acquired in April 2012 and will soon be undergoing substantial renovations to increase its relevance and appeal! [GDevDomain] Androplex – Android News […]

Books About Dating aims to help sort dating books and advice into useful categories. Since we all come from different backgrounds seeking different types of relationships, we supply one of the most diverse library of dating books on the internet. Coming features include a forum and dating horror story section! [GDevDomain] Books About Dating Links […]

Energy Conservation Audit was created as a guide for going green to save money and our resources. There are so many quick, easy improvements we can make to our houses and businesses that will drastically improve our energy efficiency! We use this site to promote green technology and educate people on their local energy issues […]